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Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers

Why T&S Likes them » Sam Cooke is often credited as being the “Father of Soul,” and with indie.soulful being from Truth & Soul and all…we thought the Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers feature would inevitably come at some point.

As gospel was the precursor to soul, the Soul Stirrers layed the ground work for the popularity Sam Cooke would experience later in his career breaking into the mainstream as a solo soul artist. But the stuff that Sam did with the Soul Stirrers far exceeds the depth and the intensity of anything he did as a mainstream act. You will not find anything matching the fervor, the devotion, and the positively uplifiting spirit that you will find in Sam Cook & the Soul Stirrers. Trust us.

The Official Word » “One of the most popular and influential gospel groups of the 20th century, The Soul Stirrers were pioneers in the development of the quartet style of gospel and, without intending it, in the creation of soul music, the secular music that owed much to gospel. (wikipedia)”

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it’s true the quartet style of gospel and, without intending it, in the creation of soul music, the secular music that owed much to gospel. (wikipedia)”

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