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Ryan Shaw

Why T&S Likes him » So T&S was at the Joss Stone concert at Avalon recently and was pleasantly surpised at the electrifyingly soulful performance of one of her opening acts, Ryan Shaw. Unfortunately his studio tracks don’t live up to the charisma and freshness of his live performance, but you will most likely will still be well entertained by what it seems to be the modern reincarnation of Otis Redding / James Brown / Wilson Pickett.

Thank you, Ryan, for bringing back that good-old fashioned soul.

(By the way, you’ll need RealPlayer to play the clips below.)

The Official Word » “Ryan Shaw is a man with a mission. This 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Decatur, Georgia is out to revive the passion and soul of the Golden Age of Rhythm & Blues (1960-1972) for a new generation. His One Haven/Columbia debut album, This Is Ryan Shaw, combines a powerfully expressive voice with a clutch of great songs both classic and new—and a state-of-the-art, in-your-face sound that makes it impossible to sit still. ”

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6.22.08 @ 3:40pm / mika from brooklyn,ny said:

i love ryan shaw. He makes me want to get up and dance when I listen to him. I actually came across these really awesome interviews that he did. People should check him out.

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