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Dublin Gospel Choir

Why T&S Likes them » We always knew the Irish had soul, but we never knew they could belt it out like this. Brothers and sisters, get ready for the Dublin Gospel Choir. Of particular note are their covers of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (they make it sound like it belongs at church) and of Blackstreet’s (yes, the very same Blackstreet you are thinking of) “No Diggity.” We know what you’re thinking: “No Diggity? By a gospel choir?!” Unfortunately the 30-second preview we give you below doesn’t let you listen to the good parts of the song, but trust us, it’s worth the purchase at iTunes.

The Official Word » “The Dublin Gospel Choir is an immensely committed group of singers and musicians who have come together to express their faith, joy, and belief in life through Gospel Music. They believe Gospel Music cuts across all boundaries to unite the Human Spirit wherever people are gathered together. Initially founded in 1996, they have truly become Ireland’s premier expression of Gospel Music.”

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